Powder Coatings

Powder Coatings

With the recent investment and introduction of SPC’s in-house paint plant offers customers a more efficient and professional range of powder coating solutions.

What is Activecoat?

ACTIVECOAT is a new, hard wearing, patent-protected powder coating containing elemental Silver ionically bonded into a bio-compatible ceramic material known as a Zeolite. This impedes the growth and migration of potentially harmful bacteria, mould, fungi, algae and more reducing the risk of cross-contamination from surface to surface. Especially suitable where stringent hygiene standards are required such as health care, educational, catering and retail changing rooms.

  • 99.9% reduction of e-coli and MRSA super bug
  • Independently tested
  • 100% safe to Humans
  • Effective for the life of the coating
  • ACTIVECOAT is available in all probe colours

ACTIVECOAT has been tested by an internationally recognised microbiological testing laboratory for antibacterial performance, against the most widely encountered and problematic organisms including the MRSA super bug and E-coli.

These micro-organisms suffering a 99.9% reduction in population.

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