Environmental Policy

It is SPC’s Policy to plan and execute operations in an environmentally sensitive manner so as to minimise consequential environmental impacts. Every member of SPCis committed to fulfilling our legal obligations and other requirements to which the Company subscribes, to ensuring the conservation of natural resources, to the prevention of pollution and the elimination of environmental hazards which may be associated SPC operations.

To ensure achievement of this Policy, an Environmental Management System is established to meet, and continue to meet, the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001: 2015.

SPC’s Environmental Objectives are:

  • To maintain awareness of and to comply with appropriate environmental legislation, regulations and accepted standards and codes of practice.
  • To fully meet Customer and interested parties stated and/or perceived environmental expectations by the prevention of pollution and the provision of leading-edge services
  • To minimise the environmental impact of operations through reinvestment in new processing techniques, adoption of the most effective available waste handling techniques and employee training in best practices.
  • To continually review and monitor all aspects of the Company’s activities to identify opportunities for implementing environmental performance improvement.
  • To ensure that this Policy and supporting processes are understood by and communicated within the organisation and that this Policy is available to the public.

Environmental Management implementation is through the Integrated System which is mandatory in application.  However, it’s success can only be achieved by the participation and commitment of everyone at SPC. All persons working with and for SPC’s organisation will receive full support to ensure the Integrated Management System is understood, implemented and maintained throughout.

It is our responsibility to ensure the Integrated Management System functions correctly and its effectiveness is maintained through monitoring, control, audit and review.