Testing, Inspection and Maintenance

It is essential to have annual inspections and testing to ensure that lightning protection systems remain in a safe and effective condition; in accordance with the relevant British standard. A system which is not properly maintained might not be effective in discharging lightning safely to ground or may prevent currents and over-voltages from damaging electrical systems and equipment.

We believe that our testing service is second to none with our friendly and highly trained engineers attending sites that are always booked in advance so to give piece of mind to all clients.

Our bespoke testing app allows our engineers to record all findings on the day and send them back to the office as soon as the testing works have been carried out, thus allowing our company to send the relevant test documentation the very same day or failing this within a 24hr period.

The documentation you can expect to receive will be either a compliant certificate or if defects are found within the system you will receive a non-compliant certificate along with a detailed report incorporating photographic evidence of any defects found.

This ensures that the client is aware and understands what defects have been highlighted within their system. Following this, a quotation will be sent to rectify the defects.

Our CRM system allows us as a company to record when the lightning protection systems were last tested and sends the clients a yearly reminder, approximately 1 month before the testing works are due again. This we find helps the clients as they never have to worry that the testing works will be forgotten, potentially making insurances invalid.